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  • WP2_ Miao S., Gangolells M., Tejedor B. Data-driven model for predicting indoor air quality and thermal comfort levels in naturally ventilated educational buildings using easily accessible data for schools. Journal of Building Engineering, 2023, 80: 108001:1 – 108001:22 <>.
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  • WP5_ Boix-Cots D., Pardo-Bosch F., Pujadas P. A hierarchical integration method under social constraints to maximize satisfaction in multiple criteria group decision making systems. Expert Systems with Applications, 2023, 216: 119471:1- 119471:13 <>.
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  • WP5_ Gaspar K., Gangolells M., Casals M., Pujadas P., Forcada N., Macarulla M., Tejedor B. Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the energy consumption of university buildings. Energy and Buildings, 2022, 257: 111783:1 – 111783:12 <>.

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